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Safeguarding Procedures

  • We will comply with Area Meeting Safeguarding Policy.
  • All leaders (members of children’s committee) of children’s meeting will have a DBS(Disclosure and Barring Service) check, and be formally appointed.
  • Adult helpers will not necessarily be DBS checked or formally appointed, but will not be left alone with the children.
  • We will have two adults present at all times in children’s Meeting (one of whom will be a leader).
  • Parents will be told if children are likely to leave the premises during Meeting.
  • There will be a clear structure to the hour.
  • A record book will be maintained, detailing those present and activities carried out.
  • Any incidents, including accidents and injuries, will be immediately reported to the parent and another children's committee member (or if not available, the Clerk) and
    recorded in the Safety book. The parent will sign the relevant entry
  • The current Quaker Life 'code of good practice' leaflet is a helpful document for those
    working with children.
  • We should all be aware of safeguarding policy in relation to adults.
  • Allegations or suspicions of abuse must be treated in confidence, recorded in writing as soon as possible and forwarded to the Area Safeguarding Coordinator or deputy, who will pass them on to the appropriate authorities. DO NOT INVESTIGATE within the Meeting.

Reviewed and accepted by Local Business Meeting: January 2016.