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Data Control

The legal responsibility for data control rests with the Trustee body of Oxford and Swindon Area Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Data collection, monitoring and compliance are delegated responsibilities of the Area Meeting body.

About Abingdon Quakers' website...

The aims of this web site are:-

  • to provide information for those who might like to know a little about Quakers, particularly in the Abingdon area
  • to make known some of the events and activities with which Abingdon Quakers, and other Quakers in the area, are involved.


  1. the information on this web-site is provided in good faith but occasional errors are inevitable
  2. changes in plans for events may not be passed through for updating on the web, particularly with events organised outside Abingdon Preparative Meeting
  3. anyone intending to go to expense or out of their way to participate in an event posted on this web-site is advised, where possible, to contact the event's organiser in advance for confirmation of arrangements
  4. Abingdon Quakers - either as individuals or as an organisation - can not be held liable for cost or inconvenience resulting from use of this web-site
  5. if you notice errors in the information provided, please let us know so that they can be corrected

Links to external websites

Links are provided to external websites. Links will not be included which are clearly inappropriate, but Abingdon Quaker Meeting and their web manager are not responsible for the content and structure of linked websites.