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Parachute games are popular with children

Our children's group meetings have been suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. Families are invited to join our Zoom virtual Meetings for Worship, with their children for part of the time. email zoom@abingdonquakers.org for details.

Normally our children's group  meets  from 10:15am and joins the adults towards the end of Meeting for Worship. The Children's Meeting is not a Sunday School but hopes to pass on something of the ethos of Quakerism while providing a range of enjoyable activities. Children are also welcome to join Meeting for Worship for the whole hour if they wish to do so. There will always be at least two adults with the children, and parents are welcome to stay as long as their children need them. Occasionally the children may be taken out for a walk or other activity: we shall not take them off the premises without your permission.